Online group retreat 2020

Online group retreat 2020


Fundamental research topics include software model checking, test case generation, static analysis, protocol verification, and formal methods for distributed and concurrent systems. Industrial research is focusing on low level software, and embedded systems in the avionics and automotive sector.

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We are offering courses in Formal Methods, Model Checking, Computer-Aided Verification, Abstract Interpretation, and Decision Procedures. We are always looking for enthusiastic young people who are interested in a research project or thesis in the Bachelor, Master, and PhD programs.

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FORSYTE’s 2018 paper awards

FORSYTE has had a quite successful year: Adrian Rebola Pardo and his co-authors received the IJCAR best paper award for their paper Extended Resolution Simulates DRAT, Mitra Tabaei Befrouei and her co-authors received an OOPSLA 2018 Distinguished Paper award for their paper Randomized Testing of Distributed Systems with Probabilistic Guarantees, and Thomas Pani received the […]

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