We regularly host talks in the RiSE seminar and VCLA talks series. The following table summarizes the latest talks in each series – for detailed information or previous talks, please follow the links to the respective websites.


RiSE seminarMatteo SammartinoLearning Nominal AutomataWed, May 10 at 17:00IST Austriadetails
RiSE seminarRadu GrigoreJava Generics are Turing CompleteWed, Apr 12 at 17:00IST Austriadetails
RiSE seminarMarkus N. RabeTBAWed, Apr 05 at 17:00IST Austriadetails
RiSE seminarSwen JacobsTBAWed, Mar 22 at 10:20IST Austriadetails
RiSE seminarFilip NikšićTBAWed, Mar 01 at 17:00IST Austriadetails
RiSE seminarOndřej KunčarCoCon: A Non-Leaking Conference SystemThu, Feb 23 at 14:00TU Wien, Seminarroom…details
RiSE seminarFilippo BonchiFull Abstraction for Signal Flow GraphsTue, Feb 21 at 17:30Seminarraum Zemanek,…details
RiSE seminarFabio MogaveroSolving Parity Games via Priority PromotionWed, Feb 01 at 17:00IST Austriadetails
RiSE seminarShaull AlmagorThe Polytope-Collision ProblemTue, Jan 24 at 16:00IST Austriadetails
Rupak Majumdar[Software Testing] Hitting families of schedulesTue, Dec 06 at 17:30Seminarraum Argentin…details
RiSE seminarMitra TabaeiEffective Error Explanation Techniques for Concurrent SoftwareWed, Nov 30 at 16:00TU Wiendetails
Victor DalmauApproximation of MIN CSPMon, Nov 07 at 11:00Seminar room Gödel,…details
Johannes KinderHigh System-Code Security with Low OverheadThu, Oct 27 at 16:00Seminarraum Argentin…details
Tomáš VojnarAbstraction Refinement and Antichains for Trace Inclusion of Infinite State SystemsMon, Oct 24 at 17:00Seminar room Zemanek…details
Evgenij ThorstensenSelf join elimination and new notions of query containment Thu, Oct 20 at 12:00Seminar room Gödel,…details
Jörg RotheEconomics and Computation: Five Challenges in Algorithmic Game Theory, Computational Social Choice, and Fair DivisionTue, Sep 20 at 11:00EI 1 Petritsch lectu…details
Martin SchäfClassifying Bugs with InterpolantsThu, Jun 30 at 17:00Seminar Room 351 (ro…details
Igor RazgonLower bounds for branching programs of bounded repetition computing CNFs of bounded treewidth: an overviewThu, Jun 23 at 16:00Seminar room von Neu…details
Leslie LamportA Mathematical View of Computer Systems – Q&ATue, May 31 at 18:00Informatikhörsaal, …details
Idit KeidarTransactional Data Structure LibrariesThu, May 12 at 17:00Seminar room Zemanek…details

Latest News

WAIT 2016 in Vienna

The third WAIT workshop on induction is held between 17-18 November at the TU Wien. Details are available on the workshop page.

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Two papers at POPL’17

Two papers co-authored by researchers from our group have been accepted for POPL’17: “Coming to Terms with Quantified Reasoning” by Simon Robillard, Andrei Voronkov, and Laura Kovacs; and “A Short Counterexample Property for Safety and Liveness Verification of Fault-tolerant Distributed Algorithms” by Igor Konnov, Marijana Lazic, Helmut Veith, and Josef Widder

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Helmut Veith Stipend

Outstanding female students in the field of computer science who pursue (or plan to pursue) one of the master‘s programs in Computer Science at TU Wien taught in English are invited to apply for the Helmut Veith Stipend

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LogicLounge in memoriam Helmut Veith

Will robots take away your job? In memory of Helmut Veith, this year’s Conference on Computer Aided Verification (CAV), which takes place in Toronto, will feature a LogicLounge on the effect of automation and artificial intelligence on our jobs.

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