Abstraction-based parameterized TLA+ checker: Bringing state-of-the-art model checking to TLA+

This page is outdated. Since 2020, we have been developing Apalache at Informal Systems.

Critical distributed systems are designed to tolerate faults of individual components: they must work even if some of their components fail. In APALACHE, we address three technical and methodological challenges:

  • Symbolic model checking techniques for TLA+.
  • Domain-specific abstractions for fault-tolerant TLA+ designs.
  • Parameterized model checking techniques for an unbounded number of components.

Some of the challenges were mentioned in the position paper (2015).


Bounded model checking modulo theories (BMCMT). As a first step towards more advanced techniques for TLA+, we are currently developing a symbolic model checker that is working under the following assumptions:

  1. As in TLC, all specification parameters are fixed and finite, e.g., the system is initialized integers, finite sets, and functions of finite domains and co-domains.
  2. As in TLC, all data structures evaluated during an execution are finite, e.g., a system specification cannot operate on the set of all integers.
  3. Only finite executions up to a given bound are analysed.

The current version of the tool will most likely crash on your own TLA+ code. When the tool is ready for early testing by the users, we will issue an announcement.

Given a TLA+ specification, with all parameters fixed, our model checker performs the following steps:

  1. BMCMT automatically extracts symbolic transitions from the specification (see our paper at ABZ’18). This allows us to partition the action Next into a conjunction of simpler actions A1, …, An.
  2. BMCMT translates the operators Init and A1, …, An to SMT formulas. This allows us to explore bounded executions with an SMT solver, for instance, with Microsoft Z3 or CVC4. For instance, a sequence of k steps, all of which execute action A1, will be encoded as Run(k) == [[Init(s0)]] ∧ [[A1(s0, s1)]] ∧ … ∧ [[A1(sk-1, sk)]]. To find an execution of length k leading to an unsafe state sk, one can add [[Bug(sk)]] to the formula Run(k). Here, [[_]] is the translation function from TLA+ to SMT. Importantly, the values for the states s0, …, sk are not enumerated as in TLC, but have to be found by the SMT solver.

This technique follows the approach of bounded model checking (BMC) that was pioneered by [Armin Biere, Alessandro Cimatti, Edmund Clarke, and Yunshan Zhu’99]. Bounded model checking was quite a success for bug finding and verification of C code, e.g., see the tool CBMC by Daniel Kroening et al. Whereas classical BMC uses of-the-shelf SAT solvers (Boolean logic), our tool encodes bounded model checking queries in SMT, which supports first-order theories of integers, uninterpreted functions, arrays, etc. The main challenge of our work lies in defining the translation function [[_]] to SMT. We are preparing a technical report on this topic.

We will give more details in the upcoming talk at the TLA+ community event.


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Related projects

Parameterized model checking of fault-tolerant distributed algorithms. To see the papers, benchmarks, and tools, check our Byzantine Model Checker .

Recent papers

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Note: to appear
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