Paper at VMCAI’17

Our paper “Accuracy of Message Counting Abstraction in Fault-Tolerant Distributed Algorithms” is accepted at VMCAI’17

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Invited talk at the Vericlub seminar

Igor Konnov gave an invited talk “Model Checking of Threshold-guarded Distributed Algorithms: Beyond Reachability” at the Vericlub seminar organized by Bertrand Meyer in Toulouse.

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Artifact evaluation at POPL’17

Our artifact at POPL’17 has met the expectations of the evaluation committee (with the scores: exceeds expectations (1) + meets expectations (1)). We will upload the virtual machine soon.

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Our paper at POPL’17

Our paper on “A Short Counterexample Property for Safety and Liveness Verification of Fault-Tolerant Distributed Algorithms” has been accepted to POPL 2017! Check the draft at arXiv.

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Invited talk at EPFL

Igor Konnov gave an invited talk at EPFL, Lausanne on “Model checking of fault-tolerant distributed algorithms: safety & liveness”.

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Questions answered by Leslie Lamport

Leslie Lamport is going to answer questions about a Mathematical View of Computer Systems in Informatikhörsaal on Tuesday at 6pm. Check the announcement at the VCLA website and do not forget to watch the lecture beforehand.

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FRIDA 2016 in Marocco

We had nice talks at the workshop on Formal Reasoning in Distributed Algorithms (FRIDA) this year. Look at the workshop web page.

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Latest News

FORSYTE’s 2018 paper awards

FORSYTE has had a quite successful year: Adrian Rebola Pardo and his co-authors received the IJCAR best paper award for their paper Extended Resolution Simulates DRAT, Mitra Tabaei Befrouei and her co-authors received an OOPSLA 2018 Distinguished Paper award for their paper Randomized Testing of Distributed Systems with Probabilistic Guarantees, and Thomas Pani received the […]

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